IELTS essay structure of Causes and Effects essay

In this section, we are going to look at strategies to get 7+ bands in IELTS writing task 2, types of essays and specific structure of a causes and effects essay. In IELTS writing task-2, a candidate is supposed to write an essay for a given topic.



1. Task response

In this criteria, the type of answer that you write for the essay type question is assessed. It assesses the main idea of the essay and the way in which you present it to the examiner with meaningful examples.

2. Cohesion 

This is how well your ideas follow from one to the next with seamless and logical transition. As you develop your paragraph, your ideas must be related to each other and they should be logically linked with referencing and linking words.

3. Coherence

The definition of coherence is something logical or consistent and something that makes sense as a whole. An example of coherence is an argument that has no inconsistencies.

4. Lexical resources

The use of wide range of vocabulary, appropriate spellings, correct implementation of collocations and word formation are taken care of while scoring this criterion.

5.  Grammatical Range & Accuracy

To score this criterion, things taken into consideration include sentence structures, proper use of tenses, putting right punctuation, use of simple as well as complex statements with clear idea and control over Grammar.



In this section, we are going to learn a structure of causes and effects essay. It asks you to explain causes, effects and sometimes even the measures about a given issue. It asks you to think of some ideas on a topic(such as the reasons for a problem or some ways to solve it) or to evaluate a situation. In these tasks, you will get high marks for thinking of a number of ideas on the topic, but you will lose marks if you give a strong personal opinion.



  1. Introduction
  2. Body paragraph(1) – Causes
  3. Body paragraph(2) – Effects / Solutions
  4. Conclusion




It is a fact that            topic           . There are several reasons for such a situation and also few visible influences too. Both the aspects are explained in the ensuing paragraphs.


Discussing the reasons, the most common one is            reason-1            . This is because           explanation of reason-1           . The other cause is            reason-2            . By this I mean that           explanation of reason-2           . Furthermore,           other ideas           .


The mentioned causes have some impacts too. The foremost effect is seen on            cause-1 depending upon topic            . The other repercussion is            cause-2 depending upon topic            . Moreover,            other cause           is also true.


Thus, to conclude the topic, it can be finally commented that            mention the causes in other words and with different vocabulary            and has good/bad effects. So, we should            give suggestion            .


Keep in mind :

The above structure is for causes and effects in which you are given a task to talk about causes and effects about a particular topic. According to the topic you should change the sentences. This structure is for your reference, do not copy this word to word, instead try to convert it in your own words. The purpose of this format is to show you the proper structure which you should follow to get 7+ bands in IELTS writing.



  1. Many countries today are experiencing high levels of migration from rural areas to cities. What are the causes of this trend, and what effects does it have on the existing city dwellers?
  2. In many countries, financial crime involving identity theft is increasing. What are the causes of this trend, and what effects does it identify theft have on the victims involved?
  3. Many people today find it difficult to balance the demands of their work and personal life. What are the causes of this situation, and what can individuals and employers do to reduce the problem?


Practice these techniques and strategies. You can get the practice material from here.

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