How to solve TRUE / FALSE / NOT GIVEN questions

In this section, we are going to look at TRUE / FALSE / NOT GIVEN types of questions and some strategies for solving these questions in IELTS reading. TRUE / FALSE / NOT GIVEN questions are the most difficult in IELTS reading module. So we are going to look at some important tips and tricks to solve these questions.

This one is very specific question type of reading module. It may or may not be in question paper but 99.99% of the time TRUE / FALSE / NOT GIVEN questions are asked in academic and general test.


You will get a long reading passage on your question paper and at the end of the passage there will be some facts or statements. You have to distinguish that the given fact is TRUE or is it FALSE or NOT GIVEN based on the reading passage.

These questions have nothing to do with writer’s opinion. You just have to locate the key words and exact meaningful sentence in the passage. If you are dealing with YES / NO / NOT GIVEN then you have to worry about the writer’s opinion but this is not the case in TRUE / FALSE / NOT GIVEN. This question type is based upon the factual information instead of opinions.


1. What do they mean by TRUE ?

If you find the exact meaningful sentence in your passage as you are given in you question paper then the statement will be true. In other words, the statement in your question paper agrees with the information in the passage.

You may not have the exact statement in your questions as given in your passage, the examiner may use synonyms and paraphrase the sentence. Always look for the overall meaning of the sentences instead of specific words. However you can use key words method to solve faster.Write true when the fact is clearly mentioned in the passage.

2. What do they mean by FALSE ?

If you write the false, it means that the given statement is either opposite or contradicts the information in the passage. Before writing false in the answer-sheet make sure you get the exact contradictory sentence.

3. What do they mean by NOT GIVEN ?

It is the most difficult part of these questions. So, you write not given if the fact in the questions is not mentioned in passage or the information is not available in the passage. To distinguish between false and not given is quite difficult.


1. Read the instructions carefully.

2. Focus only on the facts.

Before predicting answers, find the key words in the passage and look at sentence structure that is there any contradictory word or not?

3. Spend time to analyse the statement and highlight the keywords.

4. Scan the text to find where the answer is using the key words from the question.

5. Instead of finding exact key words try to find identical meaningful sentences.

6. Be careful when you find following traps :  degree / all / some / most of / majority / never / sometimes etc.

7. Double check your answer-sheet after filling the answers. Make sure you write TRUE / FALSE /NOT GIVEN instead of YES/ NO / NOT          GIVEN.

8. Questions and answers follow the same order.

9. While reading the questions also keep eye on next question.

10. Do not spend a long time looking for the answer to one question; it is probably not given, if you cannot find it.



In Winters, majority people find it difficult to wake up early in the morning.


All people are not willing to get up early in the morning in winters.



Meaning of the sentence  is changed due to using “all”.



Black pepper originate in Asia and have been eaten for at least 1000 years.


Black pepper comes from Asia.



As the statement agrees with the information in the passage.



The charity raises money to pay for education and daily needs of poor people.


The charity spends less of the money raised on schooling for poor people than on road constructions.



It is not mentioned in the passage that government spends less or more money on the education compared to road constructions.


Practice these techniques and strategies. You can get the practice material from here.

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