Importance of keywords

In the reading module, keyword plays very important role as majority of questions can be answered based upon keywords. Reading module is to know that how good you are in finding the necessary knowledge from long and lengthy passages, articles, or research papers. So to find out necessary knowledge you do not need to understand each and every word or sentence.

What is keyword?

  1. Keywords are those words which carry some information. Usually they are nouns and verbs.
  2. Names and numbers are always the keywords as they are easy to find out.
  3. Any word which will be not common in the whole section will be the keyword.

How to use?

  1. Encircle or highlight the keywords in the question-paper.
  2. Think about the synonyms of those keywords.
  3. Now find those keywords or synonyms of keywords in the passages.
  4. Now when you have found the exact line you just need to write appropriate answers.



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