Prioritize the passages

If you want to complete all the passages in given time, it is necessary to prioritize the passages. Priority should be given by predicting the time will be needed for each passage. Before prioritizing the passages, you need to understand the question types.

Question Types:

  1. Matching heading questions
  2. True/False/Not given  or  Yes/No/Not given
  3. Multiple choice questions
  4. List sections
  5. Choose a correct title
  6. Matching paragraph information questions
  7. Summary completion question
  8. Sentence completion question
  9. Short answer questions
  10. Diagram completion questions
  11. Flow chart completion questions
  12. Table completion
  13. Matching sentence endings
  14. Categorization  questions

So to prioritize the passages you need to go through following steps :

STEP 1: Turn the pages and look at the question types of each passage.

STEP 2: The passages which include matching headings and true false not given should be on first priority as these question types take more time.

STEP 3: If both the question types are present in all passages then start from last passage and try to complete it in 18-19 minutes.

STEP 4: Any other types of question should be having lower priority.

It will hardly take 10-20 seconds to analyze the question types but after giving priority to the passages you will definitely save time.

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