IELTS speaking cue card-1 of January to April

In this section, cue-card topic which can be asked in IELTS speaking module is discussed. The topics which will be discussed in up-coming blogs will be very important and having high probability.


  • When and where you saw/met this person
  • Talk about the personality
  • Why do you think this person is handsome or beautiful


Quick Tip :

Before begin with the solution, we would recommend you to try to think as many points as you can in your mind or write them down on the paper. Try to construct the sentences with proper vocabulary. IELTS speaking test is assessing you vocabulary and grammar. Try to speak in front of mirror and always record your speech in mobile phone and listen to it. It will enable you to identify your mistakes. IELTS examination is not all about how many exercises you have completed instead how well you have improved in each exercise. So, try to improve your language.


Solution :

Introduction :

  • I have seen many beautiful and handsome people in my life.
  • Here, I would like to talk about a person whom I find the most beautiful.
  • She is none other than my mother.
  • Her name is XYZ.
  • She is in her early fifties.


  • She is not very tall, but looks very beautiful.
  • Her hair has started graying, but she doesn’t dye or color her hair.
  • She believes in growing grey naturally.
  • She is very health conscious and is very particular about her morning walk.
  • She has set very good example for women empowerment as she runs her own business and has about 20-30 people working for her.
  • She is very down to earth and is loved by all our family and neighborhood.
  • The reason I find her the most beautiful lady is not because of her looks, but also because of her loving and caring soul which can make anyone come to life.
  • I remember, once a person in our society met with an accident and needed blood transfusion.
  • All her relatives backed out, but my mother donated blood without even thinking twice.
  • Whenever anyone needs any help, she goes out of the way to help him/her in whatever way she can.
  • She is my mother, but in her I find a considerate friend.
  • She listens to all my problems very patiently and guides me whenever I am in a difficult situation.
  • Even in her business, she is loved and respected by all her employees.
  • She is always on time to work and so her employees also do the same.

Why so you think this person is handsome/beautiful ?

Because of his/her qualities, I find him/her the most handsome/beautiful person. Actually, Instead of her looks, it is her divine soul which makes her beautiful.

Follow Up

  1. Is it to easy become beautiful?
  2. The disadvantages of being beautiful?
  3. Does someone face lot of pressure if they are beautiful ?
  4. Is looking beautiful a good thing or a bad thing ?
  5. Should clothes selling companies hire beautiful models? Why?
  6. Do you think beautiful appearance is important?

Keep in mind :

The above model answer is for your reference only. According  to your ideas you should change the sentences. This structure is for your reference, do not copy this word to word, instead try to convert it in your own words. The purpose of this format is to show you the proper structure which you should follow to get 7+ bands in IELTS speaking.


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